A downloadable 3D Cave Story fangame for Windows

Disclaimer: The following game is pretty edgy, contains strong language, blood and gore, and themes of murder. It is probably best that you shouldn't be playing this game if you are sensitive to these themes or under the age of 13+.

Note: The game is a spin-off to Edgelord Story as a second installment to Edgelord Story. You MAY require DirectPlay in order to play this in 3D.

It's been months after the events of Edgelord Story. What was really special was that in 2019, new Beta footage of Cave Story was revealed. And every Cave Story fan was happy. The thing is, they wanted the Beta, but never got it..

Until, there was one boy, named Miller, Miller is your typical radioactive kid who wanted a journey to get his own hands on the Beta, help him out and guide his way to obtain the Beta or something else...It's your choice anyways now!

Credits to EagleDefiance for the Toroko artwork.

Install instructions

If this game doesn't work in 3D, then see if installing DirectPlay will work.


Beta Heist 1.0.zip 94 MB
Beta Heist PRELUDE.zip 96 MB

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