A downloadable Cave Story fangame for Windows

DISCLAIMER: The following game is pretty edgy, contains swearing, drug abuse, sex jokes, blood and gore, and is related to the NICALIS controversy (speaking of NICALIS, I don't actually hate them nor do I dislike them). It is probably best that you shouldn't be playing this game if you are under the age of 13+.

Once upon a time, there was some sort of edgelord named "Alex". He was a  Cave Story fan and appreciated NICALIS until one day, September 12 2019, NICALIS was accused of scummy shit. Alex was shocked, and he planned that one day, he'd get enough money to pay NICALIS to bring back the rights to Pixel. But how will he do that? By being an edgelord and kill random people in his local Santa Ana town.

There's only one problem though, in his city, there is a resistance group called The "Edge Resistance" where they also attack edgelords as well, and also ally with Plague- I mean, Typhus Doctors... so good luck trying to help Alex complete his mission!

Credits to MooseGod for giving me some of his ideas for the game.

And don't forget, credits to EagleDefiance for their amazing Toroko artwork as well.

Plugins used:

Ellye's ATB

Victor Engine - Basic Module

Victor Engine - Battler Graphic Setup



Edgelord Story 5.0.zip 249 MB
Edgelord Story 4.0.zip 251 MB
Edgelord Story 2.0.zip 288 MB
Edgelord Story 1.5.zip 353 MB
Edgelord Story 1.0.zip 458 MB

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