A downloadable Dave's House mod for Windows

Warning: The following mod contains violent content, this is not for players 13+.

P.S. If you want to have the best experience in this mod, I suggest enabling the High Graphics option.


You are...Well, a teenage boy who had your mimiga girlfriend kidnapped for unknown reasons.

You have been informed that a very strange and simply-designed guy named Weebo stole your girl. It was very shocking, but he at least didn't hold her for hostage or ransom. 

Weebo was just daring you to come get her as she is waiting for you. 

But the thing is though, Weebo won't let you rescue her that easily. He'll make sure to strike when it's the right time for him.


Changed the video when you add in the Tape to the TV.

Finally added the protagonist's sprite.

Added gates!

New materials.


Alexanderjt and one unknown artist for those artworks of the 2 mimiga girls you get to see in this mod.

[GC] Great Corn for making the SCP-087-Blitz mod that I took some of the sounds from here:


The mimigas and Cave Story belongs to Pixel.


Weebo's House 1.1.zip 190 MB
Weebo's House 1.0.zip 190 MB

Development log


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whatever happened to this lol

stupidity. that's what happened.


thanks :)

p.s. you're always welcome to help me out with the next chapters for weebo's house